Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tonight @ Lost Cross!

w/ STATE CHAMPION & These Magnificent Tapeworms

Then tomorrow 4/29 @ PK's:
Sprickets CD Release Show w/ State Champion & Shithawk

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


What is up with this winter weather? Who cares.. summer is almost here and it is going to be such a good one! It is still April but I have already heard that our beautiful little city is going to see some awesome bands this summer, including:
Screaming Females
The Goodnight Loving
Jeff The Brotherhood
Alright Alreadies
Purple Rhinestone Eagle
Follow That Bird
Heavy Cream
Super Vacations
and so many more!

Prepare yourself, summer 2010 is gonna rule!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Jared Davey, We Love You.

After 12 hours of work on a Saturday (minus a little pizza time), the High Carb Low Life #6 covers are finally finished!
The rest of the zine will be finished before your next trash day...
(photos: tracy, video: Marcus Mader and tracy)

Friday, April 23, 2010

Weekend Out

Sparse posts lately.. been makin music rather than bloggin bout it.

Sitting in the studio in Bloomington IN right now.

Parlor and Spokesmen played a show @ Greeks Pizza in Bloomington last night.

Shithawk & Black Fortys are playing at the Replay Lounge in Lawrence tonight.

Black Fortys are playing with Thunder Power in Omaha tomorrow.

Back home, Secondary Modern's playing a double-header:

tonight, with the Moonbuggy Kids, at John Brown's in Marion

and tomorrow night, with TIN TIN CAN, at PK's.

Got lots of sweet posts backlogged to come soon!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Total Weekend

This weekend is gonna be a party..


As if being Brett Haley's birthday wasn't enough, 4/17 is National Record Store Day, and there will be festivities at both Plaza Records & PMAC. I'm not sure what is going down at Plaza but I'm sure something is.. and between 12-5 PMAC will have:
- tons of Record Store Day exclusive vinyl releases
- $2 vinyl sidewalk sale
- 50% off all used vinyl and DVD's
- grilling
- live performances from Himalayas, Alpha Villain, Black Fortys and Secondary Modern

Once that is over, the Southern Illinois Roller Girls are having their Fling Into Spring season opener, doors open at 6 starts at 7. Tix $5 now, $7 at the door.

They are still looking for artwork to be donated to their Black & Blue Prom Fundraiser, which is May 7th, so if you have something submit it at Plaza Records or to your favorite Roller Girl.

Then, FINALLY returning to Carbondale after being away way too long, everyone's favorite Sass Dragons are back, bringing a 1 Kevin Rotter and a Conniption Fitts reemergence along with them. It's all goin down like this:
4/17 10p
Sass Dragons
Conniption Fitts
Deth Warrant
Not Healthy
@ PK'S

Then if your still alive and kicking on Sunday, the Sass Dragons show is hitting the road with C-Fitts and K-Rott to play at Lemmon's in St. Louis, and this is happening in Carbondale, which is sure to be awesome:
4/18 10p
Nighty Night
Literature (austin tx)
@ Skihouse


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Coming Down Sucks

For the past few days, everybody's been high on the IMC rooftop... and the fumes in skihouse's basement.
Rooftop progress:
Jared Davey's new art at Skihouse:
(photos: tracy)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Roofie- A Call For Help

There has been some serious ass-bustin' happenin' at the Big Muddy IMC, but it's not quite finished. We all know Chris Klarer is generally off makin' a difference somewhere, but this isn't just for Chris or just for the Big Muddy, it's for ALL OF US. We want more shows. We want our own space. And we can have it. But, shit, we gotsta finish this damned roof. Work begins again tomorrow--just show up, or if you have questions, call somebody (Chris, David Allen, tracy, Ashton, Taylor, etc.).
(photos: tracy)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The River

Check this vid the Lauren took of JEFF playing a new jam called "The River" at one of their million shows at SXSW. Sweet as hell. You can see them play in STL this Friday at the Firebird. That is, if you don't want to go to the Himalayas, Young Loves, Black Fortys show @ PK's.