Saturday, October 29, 2011

Rob Jacobs Ensemble

Remember the Rob Jacobs Ensemble that existed from summer 2010 til summer 2011? They were one of the best bands to see live, and we were always wishing that they had recorded versions like they played them live, in addition to the studio versions of the songs that Rob did solo. Well, they popped into the studio recently and laid down 10 tracks, with everything done completely live, to document their time together. We're sad this band is around anymore, and we're so stoked to finally hear these recordings! Rob Jacobs has a lot of new stuff happening now, with both Wei Zhongle and Freedom Ride, and it is all pretty amazing. Rumor is he has more tricks up his sleeve that we will be hearing soon.. we hope that is true!

Check out the recordings, which you can download for free at the Rob Jacobs Bandcamp.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Night Of The Living Doug

Tonight there is a killer party/show going down at the Douglass Art Place in Murphysboro, and it will definitely be worth the short drive over there. It is a costume party, horror-themed art show, there will be snacks and kegs, and most importantly, 3 awesome bands! Dolphin Logic will be playing their 2nd show, Black Fortys will be there and have a whole bunch of awesome tricks up their sleeve (so we've heard..), and Moonbuggy Kids will be there doing a special acoustic performance. AND THE DOUG IS SO COOL! Also, Howard and James of Dolphin Logic will be on the 1's and 2's. Show starts at 8p, bands play from 9-11p, so get there early!

Speaking of Dolphin Logic.. they've just dropped a digital release, and it is totally sweet, and the artwork is amazing! Check it..

Friday Oct. 28th
+Dolphin Logic
++Moonbuggy Kids
@ Douglass School of Art (900 Douglas Street, Murphysboro)
8p, all-ages, $5 w/ costume, $7 w/o

Monday, October 24, 2011


Tuesday Oct. 25th
+ Underground Railroad To Candyland
++ Parlor
@ Hangar 9
10p, 19+, $6adv $8door

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Lost Cross In Video

Some of our fav moments from Lost Cross that have made it to the intertoob.. share yours if you've got more!

Friday, October 21, 2011


Well damn, hard to believe it but the almighty Lost Cross house began 25 years ago this weekend, and is still running strong. We'd have to say, some of the best shows we have ever seen period were at Lost Cross, and we sure are happy to have it be a part of our community. So it's time to celebrate, with 4 amazing shows going down in the next 5 days! Hopefully she'll make it through the whole party.. Thank you Lost Cross and everyone who has made it possible over the years!

Here's all the deetz, straight from the unicorn's mouth:

FRIDAY - 10/21 - 8 PM
The Copyrights
Fighting 407
Big Eyes (NYC)
Peer Precious (MN)
Hard Feelings (MN)

(This show will start at 8 (real time, not punk time), with the out of town bands opening to get people in the basement and warmed up. sets will be short and to the point, so come on time, or YOU WILL miss out. )

SATURDAY - 10/22 - 9 PM
Diet Christ
The Hangarounds
The Hateful Dead

(Again, this show will start at 9 real time. people are travelling for this, and if you want to be fashionably late be prepared to be fashionably disappointed. )

SUNDAY - 10/23 - 9 PM
It Burns
Planets (TX)

(Two bands, two bucks. its gonna be a long weekend, so this ones gonna be short and sweet.)

The Shakes
Staring Problem

(This show MUST be over by 10 PM. we want to get people out of the house and over to the Hangar for the Screaming Females/Underground Railroad to Candyland/Parlor show. its gonna be fun and casual, and the bands dont care if they play to no one. wouldnt be the first time. so try to come out. and dont forget to grill out!)


The house will be asking for $3-5 donations for the shows unless noted otherwise. While some of the money will go to out of town bands, it will also be going towards a new P.A./microphones/mic stands/cables for the house. No one will be turned away, and this is a true donation. More is cool, but if you don't want to pay, you don't have to. but you'd be cooler if you did. We ain't yer parents or bill collectors, so we ain't gonna hound ya.

DISCOUNT NOTICE! if you have ever lived at Lost Cross you get $1 off! if you have a Lost Cross tattoo (yes, a 407 counts!), you get $1 off! and yes, if youve ruined yourself enough to have done both, you will get $2 off.

All show lineups subject to change depending on mood, level of sobriety.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Cream Time

Stoked our bebes from Nashville in Heavy Cream are coming back soon! Thursday Nov. 10th @ Hangar, mark your calendar!

Thursday Nov. 10th
+ Deals Gone Bad
++ Ghost Town Sounds
@ Hangar 9
10p, 19+, $5

Thursday, October 13, 2011

In Photos

Our buddy Brad Krischel has been in town a few times over the last few weeks, and has snapped some pretty killer shots. Here are a few:

PUJOL @ Hangar 9

The Jewels @ Downtown Art & Wine Fair

Nighty Night @ Downtown Art & Wine Fair

Black Fortys @ Downtown Art & Wine Fair

Neverendless CAVE

Chicago's CAVE will be in town tonight, tearing us all a new one at the Skihaus. They're on tour for their new LP, Neverendless, which is out now on one of our fav Chicago labels, Drag City. This will be quite the show, Freedom Ride is playing, and if you haven't heard their new songs they are insane. Parlor is playing as well, and this will be their first show that we can remember in a long time. Jerusalem & The Starbaskets from Columbia MO will be playing as well. Check these sweet vids from the new CAVE album, one made by the infamous Miss Pussycat, and the other filmed on a the back of a truck driving through Chicago.

Thursday Oct. 13th
+ Parlor
++ Freedom Ride
+++ Jerusalem & Starbaskets
@ Skihaus (317 w walnut)
10p, $5, all-ages

Monday, October 3, 2011


Unless you'll be in another country you really ought to not miss YellowFever this Thursday (10/6) at Skihouse! The lovely duo from Austin, Texas have a sound of their own that's pretty hard to pin down in words - awhile back Carrie Brownstein of Sleater-Kinney reviewed their self-titled release and came up with "haunted-house surf music" and "minimalist opera." YellowFever is actually playing a bunch of shows in the next two weeks with Brownstein's new project Wild Flag so I guess she liked what she heard, and I think you will too!! YellowFever does not disappoint.

Thursday, Oct. 6th
+ Nighty Night
++ Wei Zhongle
Skihouse (317 w walnut)
10pm, all-ages, $5

Bermuda Triangle by YellowFever

Video: YellowFever playing "Psychedelic" at Handsome Fest last summer!

"Why won't you recognize how psychedelic I am? and love me, love me."

Sunday, October 2, 2011


Just got the last minute news that Bare Wires from Oakland CA are playing at Lost Cross tonight, with Autonomy, who are fresh off shows in Chicago and Milwaukee, and Pussy Collector. Should be sweet!

Sunday Oct. 2nd
+ Autonomy
++ Pussy Collector
@ Lost Cross
10p, all-ages