Wednesday, June 27, 2012


“Someone might say, I don’t understand music; but most people experience music emotionally and would agree that music is an abstraction. You don’t need to put music into words right away – you just listen.”
-- David Lynch, in Catching the Big Fish: Meditation, Consciousness, and Creativity

I have been listening to WAXAHATCHEE + SWEARIN' non-stop for months now, I have become quite familiar and definitely intimately involved with this music, but I’m at a loss for words to describe it really. There is such sincerity and beauty and exuberance and exposition – brutally honest lyricism, frantically catchy sugary sweet pop melodies [I’m describing two bands together here who are pretty different, except for shared genetics – Waxahatchee is Katie Crutchfield + lead vocalist of Swearin’ is Allison Crutchfield, twin sisters and both members of the beloved PS Eliot] – do these words mean anything though? You have to listen to understand maybe. You have to experience this music, it’s ready to make itself vulnerable and explode into your heart if you allow it.

SWEARIN' just released their first full-length LP on Salinas Records, fully establishing themselves as a force to be reckoned with after stirring up the waters with their wildly successful demo released last year. WAXAHATCHEE's album, American Weekend, was released on Don Giovanni Records, home to our pals Screaming Females!

Wednesday June 27th 
@ Lost Cross
9p, all-ages, $4

Friday, June 22, 2012

Scott H. Biram

Tonight you can check out two of the best outlaw country acts around, both on Bloodshot Records, Scott H Biram and Lydia Loveless. Country Graves, one of the best new local bands we've seen in a long time, will be there opening! Check out these recordings Travis and the crew just made.
Friday June 22
+ Lydia Loveless
++ County Graves  
@ Hangar 9
9p, 19+, ?$

Monday, June 18, 2012

Summer Eaters

Those Useless Eaters from Nashville are rolling through town on Wednesday, they'll be at the Skihaus along with Jus' Folks (ex-Underground Railroad To Candyland, Sexy, Jump Off A Building, Abi Yo-Yos, Trainwreck Riders) and Kid Little from California, and locals High Horse. Useless Eaters have a pretty ridiculously long string of awesome records out on labels like Goner, Shattered, Goodbye-Boozy, Tic Tac Totally, Burger, Mastermind, Jeth-Row, Gold Tapes, Nashville's Dead, Southpaw, and more.. This is gonna be a good one.

Wednesday June 20th 
+ Jus' Folks
++ Kid Little
+++ High Horse
@ Skihaus
10p, all-ages, $5

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Sorry this is so last minute but there'll be a real great show at the Swamp tomorrow nite! Some pals from NY are on a summer-long tour zig-zagging all over the country and they'll be stopping here to cause some ruckus, buffalo-style! b-smackin' boyz BEES + SETTLERS will stir up all kinds of fun on this sweaty jigahoo nite in paradise ~~ WEI ZHONGLE will polish off the nite so be sure to stick around!

and if you haven't heard this yet you've been living a deprived life under a rock:

Thursday June 14th
@ the Swamp (417 w. monroe)
10p, $3, all-ages