Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sunday = Sweet

There's something special about Skihouse Sunday shows, and this one is gonna be a good one. Fergus & Geronimo will be in town from Denton TX, they've been on tour for a little while now promoting their new LP "Unlearn" which just came out on Hardly Art (they're playing a sold-out show in Chicago tonight with Smith Westerns, bet it is sweeeet). Catholics & The Pill are playing too, it will be their first show on their home turf at the Skihouse. It that wasn't enough, the lovely Matt M. is back in town and Secondary Modern is also playing, and they are about to go on a quick tour around the midwest right after the show. Come to this show on time it's a school night!!!!

Sunday Feb 27th
+ Catholics & The Pill
++ Secondary Modern
@ Skihouse
10p, All-ages, $4

Smith Westerns - Weekend from Fat Possum Records on Vimeo.

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Go to that triple-release show tonight, but get some rest because tomorrow is gonna be so killer! Our fav pals from Nashville are coming up, JEFF The Brotherhood and Diarrhea Planet, and they are going to be getting down with local favs Nighty Night and Staring Problem at the Skihouse. If you've been living under a rock, JEFF has been blowing up lately. They've just toured Europe and Australia in the past few months, and they're preparing to release their second LP "WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS" later this spring. We're super stoked to see them play at the Skihouse again. Diarrhea Planet has been busy lately too, they've just released their first 7", and have another one on the way, and they might even tour more soon if they can figure out a way to cram all 5 of those guitars in a car. Gonna be good, see you tomorrow.

Friday Feb 25th
JEFF The Brotherhood
+ Diarrhea Planet
++ Nighty Night
+++ Staring Problem
@ Skihouse (317 w walnut)
10p, all-ages, $5


Three awesome new bands are celebrating their first releases at Hangar 9 tonight, it is going to be a hell of a show so you better make it out!

The Heat Tape has just released Raccoon Valley Recordings, a 12-song CD on Red Scare Records, recorded by Brett Hunter in his trailer in Raccoon Valley. It sounds killer, and the cover is pretty amazing too. I imagine you will be hearing a lot more from The Heat Tape in the near future, but you better go ahead and get that CD now! They've also been dropping videos for most of the album, check out the most recent one below.

The CD is available at Plaza Records, or online here, and also on itunes/amazon here.

Staring Problem has been busy.. They've just released their 8-song S/T tape (buy it online here) and although I thought you could FINALLY get a copy at the show tonight.. I've heard they have already sold out. Bummer.. but don't you worry, they are being re-pressed as we speak, and they will have t-shirts at the show tonight, and if you just can't wait you can always buy the digital files on itunes here. (although I think you get a free digital download if you buy the tape online for cheaper.. just sayin..). Word is that their Chris LaGarce-produced video will be done soon as well, and that they are recording new material for a split 7".

Autonomy is the newest of the new bands, but they have been making things happen quickly. They are releasing a demo recording at this show (recorded by Brett Hunter of The Heat Tape), and Maximum Rock n Roll has already written a very nice review of it. Hope there will be some T-shirts available as well? You can hear some of the demo tracks here.

You can follow along with Autonomy in the digital world at their blog :

Thursday Feb 24th
The Heat Tape
+Staring Problem
@ Hangar 9
10p, 19+, $4-5?

It's Happening

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Cannot believe how psyched we are for this show.. two of our Nashville favorites are coming up to Carby again this weekend. JEFF always kills it at the Skihouse (proof below), and Diarrhea Planet was awesome at Handsome Fest 2010 and will no doubt be even more awesome in the basement. Local pals Nighty Night and Staring Problem too.. gonna be so good.

Friday Feb 25
JEFF The Brotherhood
+ Diarrhea Planet
++ Nighty Night
+++ Staring Problem
@ Skihaus
10p, All-ages, $5

Wild Week

We took the week off from blogginz to visit NYC.. ate some amazing food, saw c-dale expat Lana Weiss kill it at Williamsburg Fashion Week, saw Crystal Stilts play (can't wait for that new record to drop), and had an all-around rad time. Hope everyone had a good week in Carby.. maybe you caught that show at the Litterbox, or that C4-juried show at the Glove Factory, or maybe you went to see Thee Oh Sees and Fergus & Geronimo play in St. Louis, or maybe you just soaked up that 70-degree sun we only heard about.. it was a good week.

OKAY SO FORGET ABOUT LAST WEEK. This week is insane. We'll line it all out for you in greater detail soon, but you best clear your schedule and get some rest tonight, because it is going to be raging for the rest of the week.

Wed. 2/23 : Babiemecca Hangout 002 w/ Intimate Stranger (from Chile)
@ Hangar 9

Thu. 2/24 : Staring Problem, The Heat Tape, Autonomy Triple-Release-Show
@ Hangar 9

Fri. 2/25 : JEFF The Brotherhood, Diarrhea Planet, Nighty Night, Staring Problem
@ Skihaus

Sat. 2/26 : Bust!, Parlor, The Heat Tape
@ Lost Cross

Sun. 2/27 : Fergus & Geronimo, Grandchildren, Catholics & The Pill, Secondary Modern
@ Skihaus

Monday, February 14, 2011

Grandchildren + Fergus & Geronimo

Soo stoked for this show.. Fergus & Geronimo from Denton, TX (now via Brooklyn I guess..) totally rules, they just put out a great record on Hardly Art, and have 7"s out on Woodsist, Tic Tac Totally, etc.. Grandchildren is from Philadelphia, PA, totally rules too, and pretty stoked to see Catholics & The Pill at the Skihouse. Don't miss this one..!

Everlasting by Grandchildren from Big Ugly Yellow Couch on Vimeo.

Sunday Feb 27th
+ Grandchildren (PA)
++ Catholics & The Pill
+++ Secondary Modern
@ Skihouse
10p, All-ages, $4

Babiemecca Hangout 002

Babiemecca Hangout 001 was really fun and a pretty big success, so we're doing it again, and hopefully the last Wednesday of every month we'll be hosting Babiemecca Hangout Variety shows from now on!

Babiemecca Hangout 002 will be @ Hangar 9 on Wed, Feb 23th and will feature:
Intimate Stranger (from Chile.. yeah that's on another continent)
An appearance by The In, On, and Around Gang,
Peotry/Storytelling by Bridey
Guest DJ & music performances TBA!
Show calendar, mecca mix 008, & more!

See you there!

Saturday, February 12, 2011


Pretty psyched to tell you that CAVE from Chicago is coming to town, they're playing at Hangar 9 with Mondo Drag on Thursday, March 10th. We first heard about CAVE when Tweak Bird played with them at the Supersonic Festival in the UK, and they have a 12" that came out recently on Drag City Records. This show is going to be so so good. Spread the word.

Thursday March 10th
+ Mondo Drag
@ Hangar 9
10p, All-ages, $4

Friday, February 11, 2011

Small Time Tour

Small Time London Thug has been around for the past year or two, but they may not be around much longer. Cat Copeland is moving on up to NYC, so their show tonight at Love at the Glove very well may be their last show in Carbondale. They're releasing a CD tonight, and going on a short tour to New York next week, so grab the CD while you can, and tell all your big time cityboy friends to go party with one of Carby's finest.
2/11 @ Love At The Glove, Carbondale IL
2/17 @ Lit Lounge, Manhattan NY
2/18 @ Glasslands Gallery, Williamsburg/Brooklyn NY
2/20 @ Goodbye Blue Monday, Bushwick/Brooklyn NY

OH and if you're looking for something to do afterwards, there is some good stuff going on tonight:

w/ Kasey Rogers
@ Hangar 9

w/ DJ Nasty Nate
@ Tres Hombres

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Love At The Glove Tomorrow

One of the most interesting events that goes down in Carbondale is happening tomorrow.. Love at the Glove is now 15 years running strong, and all the wonderful weirdness starts tomorrow night at 7p. In addition to all of the erotic art you can scope out, there will also be:


7-11p, all-ages, $5 @ The Glove Factory Surplus Gallery

Bands will play at 8p and 9p.

be there or be:

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


We love new bands in Carbondale.. and our ladies in Catholics & The Pill are definitely one of the things we are most excited about right now. Rumor is they'll be recording material for a 7" release soon, and you can follow their adventures on their facebook page. If you've yet to see them live, you're about to have a number of chances to fix that:

Sunday Feb 27 w/ Fergus & Geronimo (TX) and Grandchildren (PA) @ Skihouse
Saturday Mar 5 w/ Jacuzzi Boys (FL) and Parlor @ Hangar 9
Thursday Apr 21 w/ Wild Murphy @ Pizza King

Monday, February 7, 2011


People.. we've been slackin' on the posts the last week or so, and even missed out on some things we wanted to talk about, but it is for good reason! We've been really busy trying to pull together a bunch of sweet things that will be happening over the next few months, and let us tell you, it is gonna be so killer! We've got a bunch of stuff to drop on you in the next few weeks.. but here is a list of some upcoming things that are awesome and you SHOULD NOT MISS!!

Friday 2/11
Love At The Glove
w/ Small Time London Thug & Nighty Night
@ The Glove Factory Surplus Gallery (7-11p)

This day is always weirdly awesome and awesomely weird. Get your nighty night fix, and this may very well be the last Small Time London Thug show in Carbondale ever.. plus they're releasing a CD and have some new songs. Don't wanna miss it, maybe you'll even see a dick or two.

Friday 2/18
@ The Litter Box

Ooh man will this be a good one.. word is this may be one of Himalayas last shows (we're praying that isn't true) but don't risk it either way. OH YES AND HOWARD'S BDAY TOO

w/ Intimate Stranger from Chile! & a lot more stuff
@ Hangar 9

We'll be doing it again, even better than last time!

Thursday 2/24
Autonomy, Staring Problem, The Heat Tape
@ Hangar 9

This is a triple release show! Staring Problem is releasing a tape, The Heat Tape is releasing a CD (wait doesn't that seem backwards?), and Autonomy is releasing a demo, more on all those soon, but we are so excited about this you don't want to miss it!!

Sunday 2/27
JEFF The Brotherhood (TN), Fergus & Geronimo (TX), Grandchildren (PA), Diarrhea Planet (TN), Catholics & The Pill
@ Skihouse

******************* THE JEFF / DP show is now on Friday @ Skihouse.. w/ nighty night, the Fergus & Geronimo / Grandchildren / C&P show is still on for Sunday w/ Secondary Modern. BOTH THESE SHOWS GONNA BE DA SHIT>>> MIGHT AS WELL JUST SPEND THE WEEKEND AT SKIHOUSE


Friday & Saturday 3/4-3/5
The De-Hibernation Weekend!
Nighty Night, Rob Jacobs
Jacuzzi Boys, Parlor, Catholics & The Pill
@ Hangar 9


Thursday 3/10
Mondo Drag w/ tba
@ Hangar 9

Holy kings of psych-rock from Davenport, Iowa. They've killed it at the Swamp and Skihouse, and they will surely kill it there.

Saturday 3/12
@ Hangar 9

Our great great friends playing great great music!

(Links are pointing to facebook events.. tell yr friends, and pick up the show calendars we've got floating around town).

Wrap It Up

Oh man, that Lost In The Trees / Nighty Night show at Hangar 9 was pretty epic. It felt pretty great to see a show like that going down in Carbondale, and everyone having such a good time. Our favorite places to see shows will always be the DIY spaces like the Lost Cross, Skihouse, Litterbox, Swamp, IMC, etc., but it is so great to see the Hangar killing it with some of the things that have gone down there already. The diversity of things they are adding to the scene here is taking it to another level, and we are sure happy to see it happen. They may still be working the kinks out on some things (no JEFF yet..) but Sally, Nic, and the crew over there are doing a damn fine job so far and we're grateful they are doing it, especially for shows like that one.

(Photos & Video by Brad Krischel)

While we're reminiscing a little, Ray Suburbia sent us a wrap up of 2010 that we missed putting on our favs of 2010 list (sometimes we forget to check our contact email.. so please be patient if you email us there and if you want something posted give us enough notice in advance!). His list is pretty great and we really like it, so here it is, just a little belated! Thanks Ray!

Ray Suburbia's 2010 Wrap-up

Best 11 Carbondale Shows of 2010
There’ve been a lot of shows in 2010 in town, so man I can't even recall them all. I can't remember a time when the scene in this town was sooo vibrant. Straight Edge hardcore basement shows, art-punk house shows, dunk tanks, swimming pool parties, Pks revelry and Skihouse keg drainage. Even a show in the middle of downtown. Fuck! So I've tried to compile my favorite shows of the year. (and yeah, various bands I was in played most of these shows, but trust me, that is definitely not why I chose them)

2/21 – White Walls, The Shakes, Not Healthy @ The Dude Ranch
3/6 – Heavy Cream, Alright Alreadys, Quest For Fire, Spokesmen, Not Healthy @ Skihouse
3/16 – Hollows, Parlor, Small Time London Thug @ Lost Cross
5/23 – Screaming Females, La URSS, Kangaroo Rats, Spokesmen, Not Healthy @ Skihouse
5/25 – Twat Sauce, Drunk Cops @ Lost Cross
6/3 – Head On Electric, Eine Kliene Chinmuzik, These Magnificent Tapeworms, Drunk Cops @ LC
7/6 – Goodnight Loving, Shithawk, Parlor @ Tres Hombres
7/15 – Black Wine, Secondary Modern, Drunk Cops @ Gatsbys
7/18 – Wild America, Uh-oh, Marvin Berry and the New Sound, Sandworms, Not Healthy @ LC
10/5 – Homeowners, Black on Brown, Pecan Sandies @ The Hanging Garden
10/24 – The Gateway District, Strong City, These Magnificent Tapeworms, Black on Brown @ LC

Best 11 Albums I got in 2010
I'm getting old. It's fact. I'm getting more boring and poorer and can't keep up with records as much as I once did. That doesn't mean I don’t still buy too many, I just don't buy as many new releases. So instead of doing the nickpickery, i'm just going to extoll the virtues of these albums that I got ahold of and hung out with all year.

Acephalix – Aporia (epic bay area crust metal, angrier than war)
Autistic Youth – Idle Minds (melodic portland punk, 80's LA meets Wipers)
Chumbawamba – Never Mind The Ballots (british anarchopunk at its most intelligent)
Crisis – Holocaust Hymns (british anarcho punk at its darkest)
Enabler – Eden Sank To Grief (brutal milwaukee metal – soon to be reissued on Metal Blade [?!])
Goodnight Loving – Goodnight Loving Supper Club (finest album to come out of milwaukee maybe ever)
Herds – s/t (heavy plodding dark milwaukee hardcore supergroup)
Hollows – s/t (bubblegum garage-pop from chicago)
Population – demo (all hail the new wave of chicago death rock)
Complications – demo (lemmy in a punk band)
The Estranged – The Subliminal Man (if the cure were from portland)

Favorite Albums of the Decade.
Ok. Lets do a 10 year round up. Cause 2000-2010 saw some AMAZING shit happen. So if you’re only going to listen to 25 records this coming decade, that were released last decade, here they are. (though why you would do such a silly thing, I have no idea)

The Cure – Bloodflowers (2000)
The Firebird Band – The Setting Sun and It's Satellites (2000)
Owls – s/t (2001)
Tortoise – Standards (2001)
Beulah – The Coast Is Never Clear (2001)
R.A.M.B.O. - Wall Of Death The System (2002)
Dillinger Four – Situationist Comedy (2002)
Junior Senior – D-D-Don't Stop the Beat (2003)
The Tyrades – s/t (2003)
Karate – Some Boots (2003)
The Ergs! - Dorkrockcorkrod (2003)
The Spits – s/t #3 (2003)
The Exploding Hearts – Guitar Romantic (2003)
This Bike Is A Pipebomb – Three Way Tie For A Fifth (2004)
The Observers – So Whats Left Now (2004)
Uaral – Sounds of Pain (2005)
Des Ark – Loose Lips Sink Ships (2005)
Tragedy – Nerve Damage (2006)
Autistic Youth – Landmine Beach (2006)
The Goodnight Loving – Cemetary Trails (2006)
Marked Men – Fix My Brain (2006)
Surrender – Paper Thrones (2007?)
Brutal Knights – Feast of Shame (2007)
Masshysteri – Var Del Av Stan (2008)
Quest For Fire – s/t (2010)


Gary Moore of Thin Lizzy (April 4 1952 - February 6 2011)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Carson Everyday

Last night, Screaming Females were on a show hosted by Carson Daly. Not only is he alive (I thought all good TV hosts died with TRL), but he hosts while playing air hockey!

"When people say to me, 'Carson, what are you listening to right now?' I say, 'Screaming. Females.'" HAHA! Carson hearts "thrash"!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Theodore Thursday

Maybe you were lucky enough to catch Theodore when they played at the Skihouse this past summer (mmm summer sounds good), but if not then you've got another chance coming up this Thursday at the Hangar.

Small Time London Thug will be there too, and this may be one of their last shows ever in Carbondale, as they are about to take a short tour to NYC, where the one and only Cat Copeland is moving. More details on that soon.. and here is a video of them playing a new song at the Hangar a few weeks back:

Thursday Feb 3
THEODORE (st louis)
+Small Time London Thug
++ Macho Men
@ Hangar 9
10p, 19+, $3