Tuesday, August 31, 2010


So here is a little more secret stuff.. we are working on starting a publication and created all of the articles for August, but some technical difficulties have kept us from putting it out.. so here is a little treat that is no longer relevant tomorrow, the first day in September! Horrorscopes for August by the sandino-man:

Dear Aries, try taking a few more risks with your love life this month. Send a valentine to that cutie you've had your eye on; write it in your blood so they know you mean it. Travel to Duquoin, wear a Lynyrd Skynrd shirt and a potato tucked suggestively into your trousers. You will be surprised at the connections you will make.

Dear Taurus, don't smoke weed when entertaining members of the opposite gender who you aren't entirely comfortable around this month, it wont help you relax. You will just end up thinking you have disappointed them somehow, and then try to write something for them to make up for it, but then realize you wrote one word on a napkin with permanent marker and it bled through and stained their table.

Dear Gemini, mercury is in virgo this month which means you will have close contact with loved ones and family. This is an excellent time to hit them up for cash. Try to avoid making out at PK's with slobbering personages with vacant bicuspids, but if you do... I mean, whatever, it's cool.

Dear Cancer, look man, I know you like to floss like a boss but you gotta slow your roll on this spending spree, dawg! We know you stack cheddar like Monterey Jack, but making it rain all damn day is gonna land your ass in a financial crack. Try impressing people by instead making origami for them, or with your knowledge of Pokémon.

Dear Leo, I'm sorry I forgot your birthday. If it was that important to you, you should have listed your birthdate on facebook. No, you don't have to include the year, and no 29 is not over the hill. I'd still dust it off and hit it. Get over yourself. Oh and happy birthday.

Dear Virgo, a full moon in Pisces on August 24th may cause you to black out with your rack out. Your BF will act all pissy about it for like a couple days or whatever, but just cry a little bit and remind him you love him, you know, go all out with the makeup sex and things should be cool. If it goes super well you might even be invited to meet his family! Try not to get into conversations with his mom about your opinions on transgender politics however, just stick with simply acknowledging the furniture and the temperature relative to the day before. Good luck!

Dear Libra, AUGUST WILL BE SO EFFIN SWEET. Someday you'll just like, get up, get a shower and you'll just be giving yourself the scrubdown and reflecting on your previous night and you will be all thinkin' "Dang last night ruled so hard. Man I can't imagine another night ever ruling that hard". BUT GUESS WHAT: that very night of the day that you said that to yourself?? IT'S GONNA RULE EVEN HARDER!!

Dear Scorpio, you need to stop ordering food with meat in it. Your alcoholic veggie roomies are going hungry and that beast snack is just gonna go bad in the fridge. C'mon, man, the sun is in your career house this month, so you should be able to afford some extra food.

Dear Sagittarius, its time for a vacation! Eat ecstasy and ride roller coasters with a significant other. You will both bond deeply over how cool the wind and shaking steel feels, and then promptly have to leave the theme park to avoid hooking up in front of the Batman Ride. Try it in your car. Bring plenty of water!

Dear Capricorn, this month will start out gross, but just remember that you are destined for fame. Try to avoid hitting on 12-year-old boys, urinating in inappropriate places, or smoking bongs made out of sex toys. At least don't post pictures of it on the internet. That kind of stuff can resurface, man!

Dear Aquarius, new love will blossom with that one douchebag you like. Ugh. I hate that guy. But seriously.

Dear Pisces, please stop waking up so angry. We are just watching a movie. Look, we turned it down, okay? THOSE DISHES AREN'T FROM US WE JUST GOT HERE CHRIST. Just, like, have some coffee.

See ya next month!

Don't Forget

Thomas Function tomorrow w/ Parlor & Black Fortys @ Tres! Gonna Rule! Only $3!

Cropped Out

This is cool.. our friend Ryan Davis (of State Champion) is putting on this festival in Louisville the first weekend in October.. check it out. Some rad bands that frequent Carby are playing (JEFF, Heavy Cream, State Champ, etc. ), and some rad bands that should are too! Speaking of State Champion, rumor has it that they will be playing in Carby on Nov. 12th with Spokesmen, Turbo Fruits, and Pujol! So stoked!

More info here.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

David 2 David

We're working on some things over here that we thought would be out by now, but have unfortunately been delayed. One of them was a tiny interview with David Brown of Secondary Modern, which was to be printed elsewhere. In spirit of their CD release show tonight, here is the interview, in its unedited glory, which is pretty glorious if you ask me..

Friday, August 27, 2010

Moonhearts Pics

That Moonhearts / Shithawk show last week was hella good. We tried to film them playing 7 & 7 is, but things got too crazy...

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thomas Function

They're back! Thomas Function graced Carby during Handsome Fest a little over a month ago, and they are coming back this Wednesday, September 1st. Also playing will be Parlor, who are about to record their first official release at Russian Recording in Bloomington, IN (if you're lucky enough to have the tape you know how good this will be..), and local favs Black Fortys. Gonna be so so so good.

WED 9/1
++Black Fortys
@ Tres Hombres
10p, 19+

Critical Mass

Well, it's that time again. Backward hats everywhere, Tanner got a black eye, and some idiots stole the skis off of the skihouse. The students are back and all up in our business, and there's nothing we can do about it. But that also means that Critical Mass is back (does it ever really leave?) so hop on your favorite two-wheeler and meet up at the back of the student center at 5p tomorrow and let's ride! Last Friday of the month!

Friday 8/27
Starts @ Student Center

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Vaudeville Ghosts

Secondary Modern's fourth studio album is out this week, they are playing 2 CD release shows this weekend before they go on a East coast tour to support the album. These shows should be pretty killer, one will have Amo Joy from Indianapolis and Freedom Ride, and the other will have Young Loves and will feature a horn section. Plus it is at John Brown's and that place is sweet.. best beer in town.

Friday Aug 27th
Secondary Modern
+ Young Loves
@ John Brown's (in Marion)
8:30p, Free! 21+

Sunday Aug 29th
Secondary Modern
+ Amo Joy (Indianapolis)
++Freedom Ride
@ Gatsbys II
10:00p, $3 19+

Here is the second track from the new album:

Secondary Modern / He's Got the City by babiemecca

Staring Problem

One of the newest, as well as one of my favorite Carbondale bands is Staring Problem. They are playing at Skihouse tonight w/ Screaming Females, Vacation, etc.. but I wanted to pick their brains a little before the show, so I sent Tresadilla on the hunt.

T: How much do you weigh?
Alix Carl (drums): Collectively?
David van der Graaff (bass): Let’s do real math. Let’s do 373.
T: What’s so fascinating about weight loss?
A: It’s, like, you know, part of you disappearing. It’s the closest we can get, in this universe, to destroying matter.
T: As a pre-teen, did you hope to get your hand held during James Cameron’s Titanic?
Lauren Owen (guitar): Hell Yes.
D: My parents wouldn’t let me see Titanic. It’s PG-13.
A: I saw it with both of my parents…
D: And they both held your hand?
A: I saw that movie recently and remembered how Leo used to be handsome and a good actor. I fuckin’ hate Kate Winslet.
L: She’s got curves.
T: She used to.
A: Yeah, but she’s got that face. She’ll always have that face…
T: Do you have hoarding tendencies? If so, what?
A: Yes… in practice, clothing… and in fantasy, cats.
D: For me, clothing’s it, but I don’t know if I want to admit that.
L: I hate hoarders.
A: We can’t help it.
L: That’s fine. I just don’t want to live with you.
T: Define DMX.
A: Ok, so, originally, it stood for Dark Man X and then, he decided he wanted to be Dog Man X; he wanted to get away from the negativity of Dark Man. And he loves dogs; he’s a dog hoarder. I think he went to jail for mistreating the dogs. It’s a cycle of abuse. Sometimes we mistreat the things we love the most. He just has a complicated, deep relationship with dogs.
L: I think it stands for Fat Ass Bass. Tear your butt up. This garage band from Chicago, Vee Dee, was recording in DMX’s studio, after hours, without permission, when you hear it, it’s like PFF PFFD PFF. It sounds awesome.

A: (to our loud-mouthed cat): Ollie better shut his mouth before I stick a dick in it.

T: What would you do for a private pizza party with the cast of Saved by the Bell: The College Years?
A: Well, I would sing karaoke to Possum Kingdom by The Toadies, but I would also do that for a beer.
L: I guess I would get really drunk and try to imagine I liked that series and be able to hob-knob.
D: I’m horrible when it comes to point-blank questions about pop culture I’m not even acquainted with. God, I don’t know. What would I do? God damn it.

Shortly after this interview, David quit the band.

Interview by Tresadilla
“Next time you’re havin’ sex, just pretend you’re DMX”
-Rob Hubbell


Thursday, August 19, 2010


Screaming Females have a hell of a new record coming out called Castle Talk (pre-order it here), and they will be playing at the skihouse next week! Rumor has it that they will have copies of the record there, so come and get one so you don't have to wait until Sept. 14th! Also playing will be two sweet Ohio bands, Vacation & Two Hand Fools, the former of which has a 7" coming out on our buddies Let's Pretend, and new Carby faves Staring Problem.

WED 8/25
+Vacation (OH)
++Staring Problem
+++Two Hand Fools (OH)
@ Skihouse (three-seventeen west walnut street)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Tuesday Aug 17th
MOONHEARTS (San Francisco)
@ Tres Hombres

Don't miss it! And pick up the new Moonhearts LP on Tic Tac Totally, it rules!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Purple Rhinestone Eagle

This Wednesday (8/11) at the Skihouse.. totally killer jams from Portland!! Also, Freedom Ride's first show at Skihouse.. I went to Swamp Fest at 4:30p on Friday to see them play and didn't end up getting to see them play until 2:30am... but it was worth it. Also, Staring Problem with a new lineup. Gonna be good! Don't miss it, come on time!

Friday, August 6, 2010


Tweak Bird just kicked off a US tour with their show at Handsome Fest, check out this sweet vid and the dates below. They'll take just a few days off after this tour before they head out on another Euro tour! Release that new record in the US already dudes!

Jul 16 2010
Gatsby's -
Carbondale, IL

Aug 4 2010
Elbo Room - San Francisco, CA

AUG 5 2010
The Alibi - Arcata, CA

Aug 6 2010
Dante's - Portland, OR

Aug 7 2010
Studio Seven - Seattle, WA

Aug 9 2010
Club Vegas - Salt Lake City, UT

Aug 11 2010
3 Kings Tavern - Denver, CO

Aug 12 2010
Riot Room - Kansas city, MO

Aug 13 2010
Triple Rock Social Club -Minneapolis, MN

Aug 14 2010
Frequency - Madison, WI

Aug 15 2010
Double Door - Chicago, IL

Aug 16 2010
Southgate House - Newport, KY

Aug 17 2010
Small's - Hamtramck, MI

Aug 18 2010
Bug Jar - Rochester, NY

Aug 19 2010
Santos Party House - New York, NY

Aug 20 2010
Middle East Upstairs - Cambridge, MA

Aug 21 2010
North Star Bar -Philadelphia, PA

Aug 22 2010
37th and Zen - Norfolk, VA

Aug 24 2010
Casbah @ Tremont Music Hall - Charlotte, NC

Aug 25 2010
Stella Blue - Asheville, NC

Aug 26 2010
Hi Tone Cafe - Memphis, TN

Aug 27 2010
The Conservatory - Oklahoma City, OK

Aug 28 2010
Emo's - Austin, TX

Aug 29 2010
Skillman Street Bar - Dallas, TX

Aug 31 2010
Launchpad - Albuquerque, NM

Sep 2 2010
Spaceland -Los Angeles, CA

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Swamp Fest

Well it's been a hell of a run, but everyone's hardest-working basement venue is coming to an end. The final shows at The Swamp will be this weekend, and it's gonna be a hell of a party. I'll never forget some of the amazing shows I've seen there.. Gods on Safari's 1st show, that time Marathon opened and Drunk Virago played behind a sheet, anytime Himalayas would play, and plenty more.. I know I personally had a blast the two times I've played there. Thanks for the all the work and the memories boys.

Both shows start at 4p, and here is the tentative line-up:

MLA For Matt
Freedom Ride
Big Sex
Of Course You Realize...
Michael Brown & Danny Lighty
Drunk Virago
Secondary Modern
and an Ape reunion!

Kangaroo Rats
Alpha Villain
Dave X
Staring Problem
Dr Responsible
Deth Warrant
Black 40s
Black on Brown
Rob Jacobs and his band
Community College
Solar Shadows