Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Th Th Th Thursday

This Thursday our pals Nighty Night will release a new EP, which you can hear above. The new EP is material written over the last winter, and they holed up in a cabin for a weekend to record it on analog 8-track. The EP will be available on CD at shows, and will be available on cassette tape soon, as a split release with Rob Jacobs Ensemble. Nighty Night will be heading out on tour in late July, we'll have more about that soon, and word is they are already working on recording their next release, so hopefully we will keep hearing more new stuff soon! You can check out some pictures from the recording session and get some info about the tour on their blog.

Also playing the show is Nashville's PUJOL, who you may remember seeing play at the Skihaus last fall or at Handsome Fest last summer. PUJOL has been super busy since the last time he has been here, releasing a 7" and a live LP on Jack White's Third Man Records, as well as not 1 but 2 12" LPs (are they out yet? we can't even keep up Daniel...), and he has been touring like crazy. We love PUJOL, and Daniel is a sweetheart, it is gonna be awesome!

Rob Jacobs Ensemble (the original one, not the new one, for those of you paying attention) will also be playing, and word is this may be their last show in Carbondale, which we hope is not true and makes us really sad!! But you better not risk it and get there on time so you don't miss them, Rob Jacobs Ensemble is definitely one of our favorite things going on in Carby right now, and they keep getting more and more badass with every show. Word is they are about to head into the studio with David Allen before the band will dis-band, so hopefully that plus the tape mentioned above (which will only feature Rob & John McCowen, btw) will give you something sweet to remember them by.

Thursday June 30th
+ Pujol
++ Rob Jacobs Ensemble
@ Hangar 9
10p, 19+, $5

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


JEFF The Brotherhood's WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS is officially out today. They have been blowing up everywhere, I'm sure you've heard of that by now, but have you heard that they will be playing at Hangar 9 on Sunday July 3rd??!! Right before 4th of July, it is gonna be a huge party. Also playing at local greats The Heat Tape and Catholics & The Pill, plus the Generationals from New Orleans, and Cy Barkley also from Nashville!!! Holy shit!!

Sunday July 3rd
+ Generationals
++ The Heat Tape
+++ Cy Barkley
++++ Catholics & The Pill
@ Hangar 9
9p, 19+, $6adv /$8door

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Fitts Finale

Tonight Conniption Fitts will play their final show at the Litterbox, I'm gonna be in St. Louis w/ Nighty Night at the Schlafly Taproom.. and damn I'm pissed I will miss it!! BERETT HELLEEE will be playing Gitfiddle, and Jimmy from Sass Dragons will be playing skins!!

Also playing will be Street Eaters from California, and they rule!

Don't miss it!

Saturday June 18th
+Street Eaters
++Wide Angles
@ Litterbox

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Get In The Basement

So much stuff going on.. it's been hard to blog. Where all my amigos at??

Anyways.. There are like a billion house shows this week, and they are pretty much all ridiculously awesome. Maybe it doesn't feel like it cuz everybody likes to be pessimistic.. but it rules to live in Carby right now!! Check it:

Tues 6/13
NIGHTBIRDS (ex Ergs! & Hunchback)
+ Hospital Job
++ Dan Sentighty
@ Hanging Garden

Wed 6/14
+ Catholics & The Pill
++ The Shakes
@ Lost Cross

Fri 6/17
+ Orie Mars Orie (NY)
@ Litterbox

Sat 6/18
CONNIPTION FITTS (last show.. again?)
+ Street Eaters (CA)
++ Brickfight
+++ Wide Angles
@ Litterbox

Sun 6/19
+ Rob Jacobs
++ Kev-0 & The Jewels
+++ Kid Tiger
@ Skihaus


Screamales Return

Coming back this fall.. date is still secret but you'll know soon enough!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Taday & Tamarra

Whew so many good shows this week we're getting behind...

TONIGHT! Nighty Night is playing at the Hangar with two new local bands, retro-styled Han Ma & The Camaros and the 11-million member Dirt Choir. Nighty Night just finished recording some new material, we will have the dish on that soon, but for now you can check out some pictures from the recording session on their blog.

Saturday, Memory Map and Rob Jacobs group are playing at the Litterbox. Memory Map is from Bloomington, they have a record out on Joyful Noise (along with Prizzy and a bunch of other sweethearts), and Mike from Russian Recording is in the band, who has recorded a number of Carbondale bands like Parlor, It Burns, Ooh Barracuda, and just a lot of other sweet shit in general. Maybes there will be another mystery guest band too????> see ya there.

Friday June 3rd
+ Dirt Choir
++ Han Ma & Camaros
@ Hangar 9
10p, 19+, $5

Saturday June 4th
+ Rob Jacobs
++ tba
@ Litterbox
10p, all-ages, $3